División sexual del trabajo y confinamiento en jóvenes de preparatoria. Un estudio de caso de Aguascalientes, México


This qualitative case study describes how a group of young students from a public high school in Aguascalientes (Mexico) experienced the confinement for the COVID-19 pandemic. Our main finding is the intensification of the sexual division of labor. While women intensified their domestic and care work participation, men were pushed to enter the informal labor market to support their household economy. Men dropped out of school to a greater extent than women, which could mean that unpaid household chores are more compatible with academic tasks compared to paid extra-domestic occupations. The lack of social protection for youth in Mexico exacerbates gender inequalities among young men and women during confinement, impacting their mental health and their autonomy. The paper is based on an ethnographic experience conducted in a public high school from August 2019 to July 2020.

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